The Versatility Of Chocolate Wedding Favors: Choose The Way You Like Them!}

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For many hundreds of years, using chocolate as a wedding favor has been considered a privileged custom. This tradition of giving wedding favors was started by the rich Europeans who had the money to offer sophisticated presents to the guests at the wedding. Initially, wedding favors started out in the form of little artistic boxes which were made up of porcelain, gold or crystal. These little boxes were acknowledged by people as bonboniere and usually they were covered with precious gems. At that time, sugar was quite costly and also had health advantages and so these boxes were used to keep bonbons or any other sweet treats.

The most preferred wedding favor that has been in use even now are Bonbons, chocolates in particular. Of course there have been changes in the traditional bonboniere all through the past centuries. Nowadays, the stylish bonboniere are made from crystal, porcelain, pewter or stainless steel. Moreover, there are different designs to suit the wedding theme or the preferences. White chipboard boxes are the most reasonable ones which can be printed to reveal the conventional wedding themes or they can also have a solid color. For a more sophisticated bonboniere, the exterior can have a foil lamination and also an embossed appearance. Regardless of the design of the box, the main purpose is to conceal an undisclosed present that is inside the box.

Chocolate truffles are enjoyed by most of the people because of their rich flavor and smooth texture. Therefore, a single chocolate truffle or a collection of three will make a very stylish wedding favor or gift. Chocolate truffles are reasonably priced and they can be easily bought from local confectionaries or even online.

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It is because of the use of chocolates as wedding favors that regular chocolate bars now have brand names. Using chocolate of a particular brand is considered as declaration of sophistication. Most of the small chocolate firms that provide specially-made chocolates can make a mold that will be carved with the personal message from the bride and the groom. These firms have stock molds to make chocolates coins and bars of a particular theme. They can create three-dimensional chocolate delicacies that are similar to conventional wedding themes, the cake topper of the couple and chocolate pops. These delicacies are made from chocolate that can be of milk, white or dark. The bride and the groom can also have the molded chocolates painted with gold and silver that are suitable for eating.

By filling exclusive and clear containers with candy-coated chocolates, you will get a simple, reasonable and yet a very sophisticated wedding favor. These chocolates can be bought in large quantities and they are available in different varieties of color so as to suit the wedding color plan. The clear containers for the wedding favor consist of clear boxes, organza bags, plastic tubes and glass jars.

By selecting and arranging for a particular chocolate and container, we are still carrying on the tradition of using chocolate as a wedding favor or gift. The couple displays their gratitude by gifting chocolates to their wedding guests. They can make their guests happy at a reasonable cost.

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